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About Us
We are an establish editorial service guided by an award-winning author with expertise in both Traditional Publishing and Indie-Publishing. Our services include Manuscript Assessment, Proofreading, Line & Copy Editing, and other additional features. We ensure transparency in terms of costs and services. Benefit from our Free First Chapter Assessment with zero risk.
Risk-Free First Chapter Assessment
Get your First Chapter assessed for Free before committing. This is unusual as many similar editorial services don't offer this. We feel it works both ways. It allows us to see where you are and for you to see what we do.

Manuscript Assessment

We offer a comprehensive review of your manuscript for content, flow and readability

Proofreading and Editing

With our proofreading and line & copy editing services, your work is in meticulous hands. We ensure quality, clarity, and consistency in each page

Synopsis and pitch creation

We help create an effective Synopsis and Elevator Pitch to sell your book to publishers or directly to readers

Manuscript Assessment
Manuscript Assessment is our most popular service. Ideally, before you do this you will have had some Beta Readers give you some broad feedback. Beta Readers are, preferably, people that you don't know. The usual way this works is you swap manuscripts with other aspiring writers and share ideas and revisions.

PRICE: Up to 80k words £350, over 80k words @ £3 per additional 1k words. For example 100k word manuscript, 80k words = £350, additional 20k words x £3 = £60, total cost £410. This will normally take between 2-3 weeks. 
Line & Copy Editing
Many editors split these two activities. We combine the two in one assessment. Line editing focuses mainly on how each line is structured and communicates effectively to the others around it. Copy editing focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation & sentence level assessment (run-on sentences).

It will look at the style & structure of the prose and then take a wider look at the manuscript itself. This will make suggestions based on the length of paragraphs, lack of, or overuse of dialogue. It will comment on the pace, plot development & narrative flow. (Narrative flow is a misused term, in our opinion, and much of it is down to how you structure the language in the manuscript.)

It will look at issues of jarring character development, how your characters interact, when and where and how you resolve the necessary conflicts.

Due to the time-consuming nature of this part of the process, it is more expensive than the other options and is normally charged at £450 for the first 80k words and then £4 per 1k words over 80k. This will normally take between 3-4 weeks.

Proofreading is usually the last step on your author journey. It is something you can attempt yourself or if you have a friend or relative with a keen eye for detail they might be able to assist. Proofreading involves a thorough check for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting in your final manuscript. Proofreading is charged at £250 for the first 80k words and £2 per 1k words over that length. This usually takes between 1-2 weeks.
Synopsis & Elevator Pitch
Synopsis review: As part of the Manuscript Assessment, your synopsis can be included and reviewed for no additional charge. We will provide commentary around structure, impact and suitability for commercial use, such as onward transmission to agents/publishers or self-publishing.

Elevator Pitch: As above, can be included within the manuscript.

if you would like us to write a Synopsis & Elevator Pitch we can do this on the terms below.

To write a full impact synopsis, usually three A4 sides, £120.
To produce a one-page (A4) synopsis summary £50.

To put together an effective elevator pitch, £30.

Note: Agents occasionally request the three-page synopsis but normally a one-page synopsis is sufficient.

 David worked with me on my debut novel. It was already in decent shape, but the manuscript assessment resulted in me cutting out some superfluous scenes and making the dialogue sections shorter and more meaningful. He also suggested I delete a few of the characters who didn't add a lot to the narrative. I did this, and it really helped. 

Steven James
Fantasy Novel Writer

 The free chapter assessment was brilliant. David told me, based on the short chapter that I sent him, in his opinion I wasn't yet ready for this step. He suggested I go back and do another draft or two and then bring it back. He reckoned by then, I would get more benefit from the service. This is unheard of as he could have charged me for a full assessment but said it wouldn't be a good use of his time or my money. He said there's a great story there, but it needs work. I'll certainly be back when it is ready. 

Jane Osborne
Romantic Sci Fi Novel Author

 Like most writers, I find writing a synopsis almost harder than writing the book itself. They did a great job of critiquing the synopsis as part of the manuscript assessment, made some suggested changes, and now it reads so much better. I didn't even know what an elevator pitch was until I read David's blog. That's my next job.... 

Claire Dalton
Would be Crime Novelist
Query Letters
OK - your manuscript is finished and about as perfect as you can get it.

What next?

If you are looking for a traditional publisher then the main route to finding one is soliciting representation from a literary agent.

This can be almost as daunting as writing the book in the first place! These days query letters are more likely to be query emails. What do you say? How do you say it and almost as important, what do you NOT say.

We have written a comprehensive guide which is available to anyone who purchases ANY of our packages above and will be automatically sent to you when you make a payment. It might be the best "freebie" you ever get.

David Atkinson is an award-winning author. He has published five novels to date. He has been traditionally published (Joffe Books & Harper Collins) and Indie Published (Collective Charm Books). His next book, Quiet Kisses, is due out with Harper Collins in 2024.

  • 20 Paisley Avenue, Edinburgh, UK
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