Line & Copy Editing
Many editors split these two activities. We combine the two in one assessment. Line editing focuses mainly on how each line is structured and communicates effectively to the others around it. Copy editing focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation & sentence level assessment (run-on sentences).

It will look at the style & structure of the prose and then take a wider look at the manuscript itself. This will make suggestions based on the length of paragraphs, lack of, or overuse of dialogue. It will comment on the pace, plot development & narrative flow. (Narrative flow is a misused term, in our opinion, and much of it is down to how you structure the language in the manuscript.)

It will look at issues of jarring character development, how your characters interact, when and where and how you resolve the necessary conflicts.

Due to the time-consuming nature of this part of the process, it is more expensive than the other options and is normally charged at £450 for the first 80k words and then £4 per 1k words over 80k. This will normally take between 3-4 weeks.