David worked with me on my debut novel. It was already in decent shape, but the manuscript assessment resulted in me cutting out some superfluous scenes and making the dialogue sections shorter and more meaningful. He also suggested I delete a few of the characters who didn't add a lot to the narrative. I did this, and it really helped. 

Steven James
Fantasy Novel Writer

 The free chapter assessment was brilliant. David told me, based on the short chapter that I sent him, in his opinion I wasn't yet ready for this step. He suggested I go back and do another draft or two and then bring it back. He reckoned by then, I would get more benefit from the service. This is unheard of as he could have charged me for a full assessment but said it wouldn't be a good use of his time or my money. He said there's a great story there, but it needs work. I'll certainly be back when it is ready. 

Jane Osborne
Romantic Sci Fi Novel Author

 Like most writers, I find writing a synopsis almost harder than writing the book itself. They did a great job of critiquing the synopsis as part of the manuscript assessment, made some suggested changes, and now it reads so much better. I didn't even know what an elevator pitch was until I read David's blog. That's my next job.... 

Claire Dalton
Would be Crime Novelist